1.Every candidate seeking admission must be introduced in person to the Principal by the parent, who will fill in correct details as to the NAME, AGE, ADDRESS and other information’s needed by the school authorities and who will sign the application form.
2. The DATE OF BIRTH AND NAME once recorded at the time of admission cannot be changed.
3. If the candidate has previously attended any school, the Aadhar Card ,Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate and Progress Report from the school must be produced at the time of admission. (Std. I - VIII)
4. Any pupil coming fresh from home should produce the original Birth Certificate from the Municipality/ Gram Panchayat, to verify the date of birth given in the admission form.
5. Application for the T.C should be submitted at least one week before the date on which the T.C is required.
6. Any pupil coming from other schools must submit the Transfer Certificate duly counter signed by the Deputy Director of education. No T.C. will be issued during holidays.
7. The Principal has the right to refuse the continuation of studies of any pupil whose conduct or behavior is not satisfactory.
8. Transfer Certificate will be given only on clearance of the school dues.


1.No pupil may be absent himself / herself from examination or test except when prevented by reasons of severe and unavoidable ill - health, in which case an application should reach to the Principal on or before the day of examination or test and a medical certificate must be produced. The Principal may use her discretionary powers for examination and promotion of such students.
2. The absence from an Examination, partially or totally, without grave reasons/previous written permission will be regarded as having failed. They will be debarred from giving the same examination at a later date.
3. Unexplained absence from one or more subjects of an examination involves the loss of marks for those subjects and exclude the pupils from being ranked and graded in the order of merit and from a prize.
4. Any possession and use of unfair means detected during or subsequent to an examination, is liable to punishment at the Principal’s discretion and in serious and repeated cases the student will have to repeat the class, or will be expelled from the school.
5. For sufficient reasons, such as unsatisfactory progress in studies, insufficient attendance, serious misconduct etc., a pupil may be debarred from an examination.
6. For promoting a pupil to the next higher class, the year’s record of work will be taken in to account along with the marks of the examination. Regular attendance and steady works will be a condition for promotion.
7. The year’s record of work consists of the following;
  • The day- to- day written work including compositions, home work and daily lessons and periodical assessment.
  • The individual traits of character, such as good conduct, obedience, regularity, punctuality, a sense of responsibility, cooperation, sociability, etc.
  • Participation in the class, ability to formulate one’s own answers, ability to converse in English, discipline, punctuality, regularity, cleanliness and general behaviour.
8. The progress reports are to be signed by the parents.
9. All cases of doubts regarding promotion are left entirely to the discretion cf the Principal and her decision is final.
10. Promotion once refused is not considered.
11. A student failing to be promoted shall thereby forfeit for the ensuing year any concession in the fees, and may be advised to leave the school, particularly if his/her conduct has not been satisfactory.
12. The answer papers of final examination will not be shown to anybody.


The facilities offered to the students include well equipped science laboratories, well stocked library with books on all subjects, highly advanced computer lab, spacious multi purpose hall, Audio visual Aids, Children’s park and various play-fields to provide ample opportunities for students to unwind. School gardens with variety of beautiful flowers, aquarium and medicinal plants allure the students into the lap of nature.


The academic programmes are complemented by opportunities for students to participate in varied dynamic extracurricular and leadership activities as well as community service initiatives. Sports activities include Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Track and field events, Table Tennis, Taekwondo and Yoga. These co-curricular activities help the students to explore their hidden potential and to excel in various fields. The school aims to encourage creative and unfettered imagination in students and teachers through the following activities. Drawing and painting, Toy making, Greeting Card making, Clay modelling, Fabric painting, Cartoon making, project presentation, Model and Chart making, Creative writing, Poem composition, Extempore, Dramatics, Debating, Public speaking, Quizzing, Classical and folk Dance and Class picnics. Moreover, keeping in mind the Indian values and traditions, efforts are taken to inculcate the values of integrity, brotherhood and patriotism.


The school provides all opportunities to every child for his/her physical, moral and mental development. With this in view, the “House System” has been introduced, and all the students are divided into three houses, i.e. Blue House, Red House and Yellow House. The co-curricular and sports activities are organized House-wise in the school.


1.All the students are encouraged to make the best use of the library.
2. Only one book will be issued at a time, failure to return the book on time will be fined.
3. Writing, marking or underlining in the library book is absolutely forbidden.
4. Reference books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers etc. are issued: but not to be taken home.
5. Books lost, damaged or wrongly handled, have to be paid for or replaced.
6. Pin-drop silence is to be observed in the library.


1. Some class rooms have been digitalized for nursery to Std.-X students.
2. Student must enter their respective class rooms at the stroke of the warning bell in the morning.
3. Proper decorum shall be maintained in the class rooms at all times.
4. Scribbling on the class room furniture and any damage to it strictly prohibited and liable to fine.
5. All sweet wrappers, waste papers etc. should be thrown in the dust-bins provided in each class room. Special care should be taken to maintain cleanliness.


1. Students are not allowed to pluck flowers or fruits from the school garden.
2. School premises should be kept clean. All waste material should be thrown in the dustbins.
3. Any damage to school property is liable to fine.


1. Washrooms are provided on each floor for the use of students.
2. Cleanliness and Hygiene should be maintained by students while using the washrooms.
3. Special care should be taken regarding waste disposal.