Spiritual Moral Values

In the race for material growth there has been simultaneous decay in spiritual, moral and human values world over. Life today seems to be caught in a spiral of hatred and greed, which are manifested through increasing spate of crime, corruption and violence. In this dark and dismal scenario, Carmel tries to make significant contribution to individual growth and to bring about fundamental structural change in the society, changes that are necessary for the creation of a just, peaceful and harmonious society. Keeping this in mind the school promotes values that are common to all religions-compassion, courtesy, equality, generosity, hospitality, honesty, integrity, kindness, meekness, tolerance , moderation-which would help children to lead meaningful, successful and happy lives. The school has strong emphasis on moral values, constructive thoughts and dynamic action. The students are trained to live rough and tough so that they can overcome the challenges of life with grit and probity.
1. Students shall be regular and punctual to school and school activities. The students shall be in the school premises at least 5 minutes (7.25a.m) before the first bell. Students may be sent home in the absence of a written explanation from their parents or guardian for being late.
2. As the medium of instruction of the school is English, all are expected and urged to speak English in the school premises and inside the bus.
3. No student is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal.
4. Any exchange of articles or money transactions between students is forbidden.
5. No student will bring to school any book other than class books or books issued from the library.
6. No collection for any celebration should be made without the previous permission of the principal.
7. If no teacher has arrived at the start of the class, the leader should see the order and discipline in the class. If the teacher has not arrived after 3 minutes, the leader should inform the principal / office.
8. Those who reach the school early are expected to be in their seats, learning their lessons. Running, playing , shouting in the classroom and verandha, even during interval, is prohibited.
9. Those who happen to come late or have been absent on the previous day, must bring a written explanation or leave letter duly signed by their parents.
10. No pupil will be allowed to sit for the final examination unless he/she puts in a minimum of 90% attendance.
11. Students should not be noisy while passing near classrooms office or the room where teachers assemble.
12. Students must bring the school diary to class every day. The work assigned for the day should be taken down in the diary.
13. Neatness in writing, personal and general cleanliness and courtesy of speech are emphasized. Spilling of ink, littering, scribbling on school desks or walls, stealing, damaging other student’s belongings, will be severely dealt with.
14. The name, standard and section of the students should be clearly marked on all their belongings, books, copies, water bottle etc.
15. Students may have to stay back or come in the evening, for curricular activities when needed by the school.
16. Students should behave in a refined manner wherever they go. They should greet their teachers when they meet them.
17. All students when admitted, must get themselves acquainted with the rules notified for their conduct, while studying in the school. Ignoring the rules will not be excused.
18. The students should admire the aesthetic environment of school premises and should not pluck or destroy flowers, fruits etc. They should take utmost care to keep the cleanliness of the surroundings.
19. School uniform is compulsory for all the students whenever they come to school.
20. The School does not permit the celebration of birthday in school campus. Parents are allowed to send only toffees for the class. No gifts, cake & other snacks are allowed.
21. Care must be taken to observe the “Green Rules” in order to maintain clean and green surrounding. School aims at making the campus free of polythenes. Parents are requested to co - operate in this effort.


1. This calendar is one of the links between you and school. Occasional remarks from the teachers are conveniently sent through these pages and you are requested to do likewise.
2. The reports of the terminal examination should be signed by the parents and returned on the same day.
3. Parents should see that their children prepare their lessons and take an active and genuine interest in the activities of the school.
4. Visitors are not allowed to interview the class teacher and pupils in their respective class rooms during the school hours. Any such business may be transacted with the permission of the school authorities. 5. When communicating with the principal, parents are requested to mention in their letters, the class & section of the student.
6. During school hours the students are not allowed to leave the school premises without the written permission of the Principal.
7. In emergency, a students is allowed to go home during the school hours only with his/her parents.
8. Parents are not allowed to enter classrooms or talk to the teacher during the class hours.
9. Parents/ guardians are requested to notify in writing any changes in their address or telephone number to the school office.
10. No exams even the oral exams will be held before or after the given date. Parents are requested not to make unnecessary requests.
11. Check the haircut, uniform and punctuality of your ward in the morning.
12. Children should not bring crackers, colours, transistors, perfumes etc. to the school. Bursting of crackers and playing with colours are liable to lead to the expulsion of a student.
13. Your ward should be instructed to be careful about his/ her belongings. There should be name tag on blazers and sweaters. Expensive articles like transistors, calculators and cellular phones should not be brought to school.
14. Students suffering from any one of the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.
(a) Chicken Pox - Till complete falling of scabs (b) Cholera - Till the child is completely well (c) Measles - Two weeks after the rash disappears (d) Mumps - Until the swelling is gone (e) Whopping cough - six weeks (f) Jaundice - six weeks
15. In case of an appointment with doctor, or if the child has fever, kindly DO NOT Send the child to school.


In our school we take pride in the following traditions.

To speak only English in the school premises.
1) To be always friendly with one another in and out of the school.
2) To avoid vulgarity in our talk and behavior.
3) To accept whatever work is assigned to us as our rightful share.
4) To offer help to any unattended visitors we happen to meet in the school premises.
5) To keep standing when any Sister, teacher or visitor enter or pass through any room or place in which we happen to be.
6) To be courteous to and sportsman-like with opposing teams and with officials.
7) To respect the beauty of the school premises and to report any damage which may occur.
8) To respect the library rules and the right of the other students using it.
9) To maintain perfect silence in the library and the laboratories.
10) To avoid dropping paper, lunch scraps, fruit peels etc. in the school premises and make use of the dustbins provide for this.
11) To learn and observe good manners at table and elsewhere.
These traditions are little things in themselves and they cannot be forced since this would destroy their values. The desire to observe them must come from within and must be genuine, only thus can one’s character be formed.